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Thomas E Schmitt & Company, LLC

Linking Merchandising, Finance and IT

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About Us

We help our clients build tools and processes so they can conduct their business with accountability and control; our niche is linking Merchandising, Finance and IT.

To Thomas E. Schmitt & Company accounting is not just about figures and reports.  Consulting is not just about providing information or business tools.  To Thomas E. Schmitt & Company, accounting and consulting solutions are intimately connected to the organization’s people, products and processes. Our mission is to take a personalized, holistic approach with our clients in delivering our accounting and consulting services to enable our clients, from the smallest to the largest, to fully realize their goals and aspirations.
Company history
Thomas E Schmitt & Company was formed in 2004, but our associates have been working in the Retail Industry for decades. We also have experience in Non Profits where our business planning, activity costing and performance management services are equally relevant.



In providing professional services, the CPA/CITP is bound by the AICPA code of professional conduct.  It requires that in the performance of any professional service, that a memeber shall maintain objectivity and integrity, shall be free of conflicts of interest, and shall not knowingly misrepresent facts or subordinate his or her judgement to others.



We will strive to know you and your organization, and to use these insights as the basis for fully understanding your specific business objectives, challenges and needs.


Our talented professionals will use their education, business experience and knowledge of the most current tools and techniques to assit you in managing and growing your organization.


We will develop practical approaches that best suit your unique situation so that we deliver maximum value to your organization.


 We will perform our services conscientiously, honestly and in accordance with all applicable laws and professional standards. We will not use our position or the knowledge gained about your organization for private or personal advantage.